Plan for requesting #logo creation

Logo creation using generative AI is perfect for merchandise logos or creating prototypes!✨ Anyone can register for free and use the service to make hassle-free requests between individuals.

How to Request Background Materials (Searching by Image)

First, find your preferred art style on Prompton. Once you find it, copy the URL of the image and check the plan of the image poster. Please confirm your preferred options, such as private requests and commercial use. If there is a possibility of making changes to the delivered logo, choose a plan that is OK with copyright transfer. Once you've decided on the plan you want to request, paste the URL of your favorite image into the request text and write your request details. It's also recommended to specify if you prefer a white background. After completing the request, please wait for the creator to confirm it. Please note that delivery will be made as a PNG or JPEG image file, and delivery in AI format (Illustrator file) is not available.

Having trouble?

Please contact us via Direct Message on Twitter.if you have any problems, troubles, comments, or requests.

Request Box for AI Creators

For both paid and free requests for AI illustrations, Prompton is the place to go! Feel free to request things like icons or thumbnails!Post your work, post the URL of your page, and start using it!

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